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11.06 PCC2


Photocatalytic carbon chemistry – Project 2: Novel approaches in molecular and hybrid photocatalysis

The re-integration of C1-sources like CO2 and CH4 into the chemical value chains is one of the major challenges of our time. Both molecules, although abundant and cheap, show a high thermodynamic stability, such that the means to overcome the high activation energy is key. Besides the well investigated thermal conversion, novel routes must be developed.

The proposed research will therefore focus on the development and optimization of hybrid photosystems for CO2 reduction. We will investigate the influence of new (nano-structured) pulsed light sources on the photostability and photocatalytic activity of the CO2 reduction (Stutzmann/Rieger). New light sources, which can deliver a pulsed photon flux on the low nano-second scale will be developed (Stutzmann). Novel, (multi)nuclear complexes, including those based on earth-abundant elements, will be applied (Hess/Rieger). For the development of viable, high efficiency photocatalysts, the molecular catalysts must be combined with surfaces, which serve as active supports, delivering a constant photon flux and stabilizing molecular complexes against deactivation processes. Therefore, a final part of this proposal will focus on chemical anchoring of molecular complexes on the surface of GaN-holo nano-fibers, as well as on photoluminescent silicon nanocrystals and on flat silicon-based semiconductor surfaces (Rieger/Stutzmann).




EuroTech network event: From excellent research to excellent innovation – are universities ready for the future?

20 September 2017, 6-8pm, Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the European Union,...


More fun than anyone: IGSSE@ TUM´s dragon boat race

Although the IGSSE team did not make it to Head of the Olympic Lake in 2017 - their fun was...


Apply now: IGSSE travel grant for ICCE 2017

28-29 September 2017, TU Darmstadt

Submission deadline for abstracts: 18 June 2017


10th IGSSE Forum

1 - 4 June 2016, TUM Science and Study Center, Burghausen


10th IGSSE Forum

Smart cooperation - science and technology in, with and for society


The Science of Cooking

Doctoral Candidates explore the Secrets of a great Dinner



Having heard of a great Canadian Kick-Off Meeting, everyone at IGSSE was thrilled to welcome the...


Breakfast at IGSSE´s

Meet the IGSSE team every other month! All the things IGSSE members wanted to asked but never dared...


Save the Date: Canadian ATUMS Speaker on "Global Science- Global Career"

26. November 2015, 6-8 pm, IAS Faculty Club, Garching Campus

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