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IGSSE members in alphabetical order:

<b> Jens K. Norskov</b>
Jens K. Norskov
<b>Dr. Harald Oberhofer</b>
Dr. Harald Oberhofer
<b> Joseph Orraca-Tetteh</b>
Joseph Orraca-Tetteh
<b> Theresa Osl</b>
Theresa Osl
Pharmaceutical Radiochemistry
<b>Dr. Cornelia Ostermayr</b>
Dr. Cornelia Ostermayr
Interfaces and Energy Conversion
<b> Claudia Ott</b>
Claudia Ott
Synthesis und Characterization of innovative Materials
<b> Francisco Javier Oyaga Landa</b>
Francisco Javier Oyaga Landa
Chair for Biological Imaging
<b> Lydia Paetsch</b>
Lydia Paetsch
Soil Science
<b> Claudia M. Palumbiny</b>
Claudia M. Palumbiny
Functional Materials
<b>Prof. Christine M. Papadakis</b>
Prof. Christine M. Papadakis
Solid State Physics E13
<b>Prof. Christine M. Papadakis</b>
Prof. Christine M. Papadakis
<b>Dr. Iason Papaioannou</b>
Dr. Iason Papaioannou
<b> Eric Parzinger</b>
Eric Parzinger
Walter Schottky Institute
<b>Dr. Atanas Patronov</b>
Dr. Atanas Patronov
Theoretical Chemical Biology/Protein Modelling
<b> Carina Pelzl</b>
Carina Pelzl
Computational Mechanics
<b> Nevena Perovic</b>
Nevena Perovic
Computation in Engineering
<b> Johannes Petrat</b>
Johannes Petrat
Biomechanics in Sports
<b>Prof. Frank Petzold</b>
Prof. Frank Petzold
Chair for Architectural Informatics
<b> Simon Pfaehler</b>
Simon Pfaehler
Molecular Electronics
<b>Dr. Oliver Pfaffel</b>
Dr. Oliver Pfaffel
Mathematical Statistics
<b>Dr. Tobias Pfaffelmoser</b>
Dr. Tobias Pfaffelmoser
Computer Graphics & Visualization
<b>Dr. Michael Pfaffinger</b>
Dr. Michael Pfaffinger
Computation in Engineering
<b>Prof. Evgeny Pidko</b>
Prof. Evgeny Pidko
Eindhoven University of Technology, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
<b>Dr. Matthäus Pietz</b>
Dr. Matthäus Pietz
Business Administration
<b> Patrick Piprek</b>
Patrick Piprek
Institute of Flight System Dynamics
<b>Dr. Tobias Pirzer</b>
Dr. Tobias Pirzer
<b> Lydia Pohl</b>
Lydia Pohl
Soil Science
<b>M.Sc. Nina Polous</b>
M.Sc. Nina Polous
Department of Cartography
<b> Dan Popescu</b>
Dan Popescu
Institute for Nanoelectronics
<b>Dr. Alexander Popp</b>
Dr. Alexander Popp
Computational Mechanics
<b> Andreas Poschenrieder</b>
Andreas Poschenrieder
Pharmaceutical Radiochemistry
<b>Dr. Martina Pospiech</b>
Dr. Martina Pospiech
Numerical Analysis
<b> Karna Potwar</b>
Karna Potwar
Institute of Automatic Control Engineering
<b> Florian Praetorius</b>
Florian Praetorius
Biomolecular Nanotechnology
<b> Xenia Priebe</b>
Xenia Priebe
Biochemical Engineering
<b> Markus Pschenitza</b>
Markus Pschenitza
WACKER-Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry
<b>Dr. Felix Quitterer</b>
Dr. Felix Quitterer
<b>Dr. Daniel Quosdorf</b>
Dr. Daniel Quosdorf
<b>Dr. Silvana Rach</b>
Dr. Silvana Rach
Inorganic Chemistry
<b> Alexander Raith</b>
Alexander Raith
Inorganic Chemistry
<b> Sebastian Rammensee</b>
Sebastian Rammensee
<b>Prof. Ernst Rank</b>
Prof. Ernst Rank
Computation in Engineering
<b>Dr. Ulrich Rant</b>
Dr. Ulrich Rant
Experimental Semiconductor Physics I
<b>Prof. Mark A. Ratner</b>
Prof. Mark A. Ratner
<b> Andreas Rauch</b>
Andreas Rauch
Computational Mechanics
<b>Prof. Josef Rauschecker</b>
Prof. Josef Rauschecker
Georgetown University Medical Center
<b>Prof. Daniel Razansky</b>
Prof. Daniel Razansky
Chair for Biological Imaging
<b>Prof. Notker Rösch</b>
Prof. Notker Rösch
Fachgebiet für Theoretische Chemie
<b> Celine Rüdiger</b>
Celine Rüdiger
Interfaces and Energy Conversion
<b> Julian Rüdiger</b>
Julian Rüdiger
Biotechnology of Natural Products