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IGSSE members in alphabetical order:

<b>Dr. rer. nat. Cordula Vogel</b>
Dr. rer. nat. Cordula Vogel
Soil Science
<b>Dr.-Ing. Harald Voit</b>
Dr.-Ing. Harald Voit
<b>Prof. Ulrich Wagner</b>
Prof. Ulrich Wagner
Energy Economy and Application Technology
<b>Prof. Wolfgang A. Wall</b>
Prof. Wolfgang A. Wall
Computational Mechanics
<b> Stefan Wallentowitz</b>
Stefan Wallentowitz
<b>Dr. Christian Waluga</b>
Dr. Christian Waluga
Numerical Analysis
<b>Prof. Chien Ming Wang</b>
Prof. Chien Ming Wang
<b>Dr. Xinxing Wang</b>
Dr. Xinxing Wang
Astronomical & Physical Geodesy
<b> Jian Wang</b>
Jian Wang
<b>Dr. Zhongjie Wang</b>
Dr. Zhongjie Wang
<b> Yuanyuan Wang</b>
Yuanyuan Wang
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
<b> Guo-Liang Wang</b>
Guo-Liang Wang
<b>Dr. Roland Wüchner</b>
Dr. Roland Wüchner
Structural Analysis
<b>Dr. Florian Weber</b>
Dr. Florian Weber
Business Administration
<b>PD Dr. rer. Gabriele Weber-Blaschke</b>
PD Dr. rer. Gabriele Weber-Blaschke
<b> Andreas Wegemann</b>
Andreas Wegemann
IMETUM - TUM Institute of Medical Engineering
<b> Lianhuan Wei</b>
Lianhuan Wei
<b> Ruben Weiß</b>
Ruben Weiß
Chair for Analytical Chemistry
<b> Sebastian Weiß</b>
Sebastian Weiß
<b> Sebastian Weiß</b>
Sebastian Weiß
Herzig Group
<b> Maximilian Weißbach</b>
Maximilian Weißbach
Urban Water Systems Engineering
<b>Dr. Tobias Weinzierl</b>
Dr. Tobias Weinzierl
<b>Dr. Marion Weinzierl</b>
Dr. Marion Weinzierl
Scientific Computing in Computer Science
<b> Ching-Hsun Weng</b>
Ching-Hsun Weng
<b>Dr. Petra Wenisch</b>
Dr. Petra Wenisch
Scientific Computing in Computer Science
<b>Prof. Hans-Jürgen Wester</b>
Prof. Hans-Jürgen Wester
Pharmaceutical Radiochemistry
<b>Prof. Rüdiger Westermann</b>
Prof. Rüdiger Westermann
Computer Graphics & Visualization
<b>Prof. Gil Westmeyer</b>
Prof. Gil Westmeyer
Chair for Biological Imaging
<b>Prof. Dirk Weuster-Botz</b>
Prof. Dirk Weuster-Botz
Biochemical Engineering
<b> Alexandra Wiesheu</b>
Alexandra Wiesheu
Institute of Hydrochemistry
<b>Dr. Moritz Wildgruber</b>
Dr. Moritz Wildgruber
Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
<b> Hagen Wille</b>
Hagen Wille
Computation in Engineering
<b>Dipl.-Ing. Mark Windeknecht</b>
Dipl.-Ing. Mark Windeknecht
Institute of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Design and Building
<b> Martin Winklmaier</b>
Martin Winklmaier
Computational Mechanics
<b> Magnus Winter</b>
Magnus Winter
Computational Mechanics
<b>Prof. Ulrik Wisløff</b>
Prof. Ulrik Wisløff
<b> Carina Wismeth</b>
Carina Wismeth
Institute of Hydrochemistry
<b> Roland Wittmann</b>
Roland Wittmann
Scientific Computing in Computer Science
<b>Dr. Rainer Witzig</b>
Dr. Rainer Witzig
Traffic Engineering and Control
<b>Prof. Rolf Witzmann</b>
Prof. Rolf Witzmann
Energy Economy and Application Technology
<b>Prof. Barbara Wohlmuth</b>
Prof. Barbara Wohlmuth
Numerical Analysis
<b>Univ.-Prof.Dr. Bernhard Wolf</b>
Univ.-Prof.Dr. Bernhard Wolf
<b>Dr. Holger Wolfschmidt</b>
Dr. Holger Wolfschmidt
Interfaces and Energy Conversion
<b>Prof. Gebhard Wulfhorst</b>
Prof. Gebhard Wulfhorst
Spatial Structure and Transportation Planning
<b>Dr. Ursula Wurstbauer</b>
Dr. Ursula Wurstbauer
<b>Dr. Sonja Wyrzgol</b>
Dr. Sonja Wyrzgol
Chemical Technology
<b>Dr. Anandi Yadav</b>
Dr. Anandi Yadav
Institute for Nanoelectronics
<b>Dr. Zhengxiong Yang</b>
Dr. Zhengxiong Yang
Computation in Engineering
<b>Dr.-Ing. Sudhakar Yogaraj</b>
Dr.-Ing. Sudhakar Yogaraj
Computational Mechanics
<b>Dr. Lena Yoshihara</b>
Dr. Lena Yoshihara
Computational Mechanics