16.05.17 07:47

Apply now: 12th call for proposals

IGSSE supports up to 10 new project teams

Call closes 2 July 2017

IGSSE setup of interdisciplinary research in project teams

IGSSE is happy to announce the funding of  up to 20 scholarships for doctoral researchers and additional funds for associated members and Project Team leaders. All TUM professors, fellows and postdocs with ‘Promotionsrecht’ are eligible to apply for teams that integrate approaches and methods from at least two diverse TUM chairs.

We also encourage our international partners to join forces with a TUM chair and apply for an international Project Team.

Please find detailed information in the IGSSE call guidelines (plus IGSSE Qualification Program guide). For application, please use the 12th IGSSE call template.

Managing Director Michael Klimke and Project Manager Marco Barden are available for counseling.