IGSSE is a research-driven doctoral training program, with Principal Investigators proposing an interdisciplinary project led by experienced postdocs (project team leaders) and realized by doctoral candidates.

As soon as new project teams and funds for doctoral candidates are granted by the IGSSE Board new PhD positions will be announced on our open positions page and other communication channels.

IGSSE membership for doctoral candidates starts once the IGSSE supervision agreement has been discussed and signed by the doctoral candidate and his/ her supervisor,  mentor as well as IGSSE´s managing director.

Please note that IGSSE doctoral candidates have to submit the signed contract - together with other documents - to the TUM Graduate School via the DocGS website, the online registration site for doctoral candidates at TUM. As soon as the application has been approved, doctoral candiddates are added to the doctoral list and are members of the TUM Graduate School, too.

For individual questions regarding the admission as an IGSSE doctoral candidate, please contact Dr. Tobias Bidon.