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Built upon project teams operating on cutting-edge science at the interface of science and engineering, the IGSSE combines academic excellence with high-profile doctoral education. Here, young scientists help create new paths of scientific thinking and simultaneously benefit from an outstanding training program.

Today, challenging research projects demand scientists who are trained to think and work in interdisciplinary collaborations. With the IGSSE, the Technische Universität München (TUM) responds to the new prerequisites for successful careers in both academia and industry.

Within its second funding period, IGSSE introduces Focus Areas bundling topically related project teams that are expected to act as incubators for research fields of emerging importance.

About us

IGSSE integrates Natural and Engineering Sciences through graduate and postgraduate education rooted in a strong research foundation.


Outstanding graduates from all over the world are invited to apply for membership in our program. There are diverse opportunities for young researchers to join an existing or a new project team.


The talents of our doctoral candidates and the internationally acknowledged expertise of our senior scientists define the quality of the IGSSE. They lay the foundation for a truly interdisciplinary and excellent doctoral education at our graduate school.


More than 70 interdisciplinary project teams have been set up since IGSSE’s inauguration in October 2006. These teams are a unique opportunity for doctoral candidates and senior scientists to explore cutting-edge research topics at the interface of science and engineering.


IGSSE's structured Research Training Program (RTP) promotes our doctoral candidates´ personality and broadens their scientific qualifications beyond the scope of their individual research projects.


9th IGSSE Forum: Employing Networks

1-3 July 2015, Bürgerhaus Burghausen and Raitenhaslach Monastery


FA Biomaterials Talk: Polyglutamine and Neurodegeneration

19 June 2015, 1 pm, Room PH 127, Garching Campus

Claudia M. Palumbiny investigates transparent thin film electrodes made of conducting polymers printed on flexible substrates - Photo: Wenzel Schürmann / TUM

Designer Electronics out of the Printer

IGSSE Member Claudia Palumbiny reaps major publication from her research stay abroad


FA Biomaterials Talk: Novel Functions for Actin in Oocyte Meiosis

9 June 2015, 1 pm, Room PH 3024, Garching Campus



New Cooperation of Northwestern University, UT San Antonio and IGSSE


9th IGSSE Forum: Employing Networks

1-3 July 2015, Bürgerhaus Burghausen and Raitenhaslach Monastery


FA Water Talk: Fluids in porous Media - some recent Advances

23 March 2015, 10.15 am, Maximus-von-Imhof-Forum 2(4213), Freising/ Weihenstephan


FA Water Talk at the Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering

23 March 2015, 1 pm, Coulombwall 8, Seminar Room Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering, Garching...


16th European PhD School

25-29 May 2015, Angevin Castle, Gaeta/Italy

TUM IdeAward

TUM IdeAward: Award Ceremony

19 February 2015, 6 pm, TUM Registration Hall, Arcisstrasse 21, Munich


TUM Bioengineering Lecture Series: Molecular Neuroimaging with Bioengineering Probes

17 February 2015 at 5 pm, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Lecture Hall B, Munich


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